Our Spa

A swimming pool with a constant temperature of 32° C with several islands of hydro-massages: lumbar, back beds, vortices for the lower part of the legs, plantar, cervical and swimming against the current.

The “wetland” is also equipped with Kneipp footbath, Bio sauna, Finnish sauna, Showermax and Turkish bath, in addition to the relax area, where you can lie on comfortable loungers tasting tea and infusions.

Finnish Sauna

It reaches high temperatures around 90° C with a very low humidity causing abundant perspiration of the skin, thus eliminating the toxins and impurities of the scalp.


It is an emotional shower that acts through hydrotherapy and aromatherapy; specific natural essences are issued together with water jets in order to convey pleasant sensations in a unique moment.

Turkish Bath

A room in which the humidity reaches 100% creating a fog whose stratified temperature reaches 40/50° C. Maximum comfort with aromatherapy and chromotherapy.


Hydromassage is the top of relax services offered as it combines the comfort of a bathtub with the pleasure of a massage and is ideal for alleviating joint pains, relaxing muscles, making circulation better and relaxing the nervous system.

Kneipp Pediluvium

It is in an alternation of hot and cold water jets for legs and feet that relax on the river rocks.

Bio Sauna

It is a pleasant and rejuvenating sauna in which we find a temperature that does not exceed 50/55° C with a humidity rate that reaches a maximum of 70%.