pattinaggio sul ghiaccio a Madonna di Campiglio

Ice skating: a millenary tradition

A very popular activity among adults and children, as well as an excellent alternative to skiing and snowboarding, is ice skating. Like the rest of winter sports, ice skating has its originsin antiquity around 3000 BC: skating was, in fact, practiced in the Scandinavian countries and in the extreme north-east of Europe with skates and…

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attività alternative allo sci a madonna di campiglio

Alternative activities to skiing in Madonna di Campiglio

Madonna di Campiglio, considered the best Italian ski resort, is a famous winter tourist destination for skiers from all over the world: with skis on your feet you have the opportunity to enjoy the entire surrounding mountain environment starting from the town center up to 2600 meters of altitude. Nonetheless, for those who are not…

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fat bike: in bici sulla neve

Cycling in the snow is possible thanks to fat bikes

The bicycle is undoubtedly one of the most used means in the world, as well as one of the most sustainable so much so that true bike lovers have “invented” a way to be able to use it even in the mountains on the snow: in this case we speak of fat bike. The fat…

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sleddog slitta trainata dai cani

Dog sledding: sled adventures with dogs

Sleddog, or sled dog racing, is a winter sportpracticed on sleds pulled by dogs and guided by a conductor, called a musher. Before becoming a sporting activity in effect, dog sledding allowed people to move between the various villages in the north (Siberia and Alaska), in fact it was mainly used by Eskimos. Nowadays, dog…

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regulation for the picking mushrooms activity

Mushroom picking in Val Rendena

We are going to experience the last flashes of summer, an ideal time of year to devote ourselves to picking mushrooms of which the undergrowth of the woods of Madonna di Campiglio and, in general, of Val Rendena, is rich in number and variety. However, this is not an activity to improvise: below you can…

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ciaspole per escursioni sulla neve in inverno

Winter and snow hiking

Who said that mountain hikes are only done in summer? Let’s dispel this myth as living the mountains in winter is possible without necessarily being a ski fan: it is enough to equip yourself with snowshoes, or “ciaspole“, to immerse yourself in the peace and whiteness of the snowy woods surrounding the Dolomites. There are…

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Trip to the Malghette lake

Malghette Lake is an alpine lake in north-western Trentino. It is located in the Meledrio valley at 1890 meters above sea level, in the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. The water of the lake is used to feed the aqueduct of Campo Carlo Magno and Folgarida. It is a barrier lake of natural origin located in an…

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Excursion to Montagnoli Lake

It has all the appearance of a real alpine lake, but in reality Lake Montagnoliis an artificial work: lying on a natural basin among the coniferous woods, it extends for 36 thousand square meters. The artificial creation is the largest Italian basin for programmed artificial snow, capable of storing about 200,000 cubic meters of water…

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Walks in the mountains and pleasant animal encounters

Spending your summer holidays in the mountains cannot do without taking long and beautiful walks surrounded by nature and the animals that inhabit the area. In particular, when visiting a hut it will be easy to come across the cowswho spend the pasture period in this place often in the company of goats and donkeys.…

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Illustrious walks and visits: the path of Empress Sissi

If you are looking for an easy walk to do with the whole family in a very suggestive setting, the Empress’ path is right for you. Bring light boots with a clawed sole, sunglasses, backpack and a light jacket in case of possible rain. The Empress’ path is a path that is covered in about…

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