pattinaggio sul ghiaccio a Madonna di Campiglio

A very popular activity among adults and children, as well as an excellent alternative to skiing and snowboarding, is ice skating. Like the rest of winter sports, ice skating has its originsin antiquity around 3000 BC: skating was, in fact, practiced in the Scandinavian countries and in the extreme north-east of Europe with skates and blades of ox bone or of particular breeds of horses. At the time, skates were considered a real means of transport to travel across frozen lakes and rivers, however by themselves they were not very effective and the skater had to help himself with a stick to give himself the boost and maintain balance. From the Scandinavian countries, the use of skates landed in Central Europe, especially in Holland, where it became a real national sport. Subsequently, in 1600, Prince James, son of the English King Charles I, in exile in the Netherlands became passionate about skating and decided to import this sport also in the United Kingdom. From there it spread to Russia, Japan, China and the rest of the world.

Ice skating in Madonna di Campiglio and surroundings

Ice skating is an excellent winter activity to do in the mountains to spend some time having fun with family and friends. If you are on holiday in Madonna di Campiglio, the main places for ice skating are the small lake of Conca Verde and the Palaghiaccio in Pinzolo. Thanks to the low winter temperatures, the lake turns into a naturally refrigerated ice plate which, specially equipped, acts as an ice rink with the incomparable setting of breathtaking natural views. In Pinzolo, on the other hand, there is an ice stadium, which is a covered structure with an Olympic-sizedice rink with artificial cooling, with dimensions of 30×60 meters, equipped with suitable and approved logistic services for international events. In the ice rink you can also play hockey, broomball and curling.