fat bike: in bici sulla neve

The bicycle is undoubtedly one of the most used means in the world, as well as one of the most sustainable so much so that true bike lovers have “invented” a way to be able to use it even in the mountains on the snow: in this case we speak of fat bike.
The fat bike initially used in Alaska as a means of transport, is an evolved mountain bike withwide wheels and tires (a feature that gives it its name), which allows you to move on any terrain.

A type of bike that is almost 40 years old … and continues to evolve!

The first fat bikes were born out of necessity rather than for sport and fun: normal bikes were no longer enough for traveling on difficult terrain such as snowy ones, so in the 1980s, after the mountain bike boom, we immediately thought about how to modify it to make them more versatile. The very first fat bikes were created in two opposite parts of the world: one was designed for the sands of Mexico while the other was for the snow of Alaska and after a long period of experimentation the first forms of large-scale production arrived. In 2005, in fact, an American company introduced the first complete fat bike produced on a large scale, reaching the present day where there are hundreds of models.
Day after day even the fat bikes have undergone an evolution and, in addition to the classic models for young and old, you can also find the E-fat, or the electric fat bikes with pedal assistance, to allow even the less trained to enjoy the hike and the view.

Technical characteristics of fat bikes

Fat bikes, designed to overcome the limits of traditional mountain biking, are able to tackle particularly difficult terrain and this is possible thanks to the greater tire section that allows excellent grip, while the low pressure of the same allows you to easily tackle soft surfaces, such as snow, mud and sand.

Although their appearance may make you think something else, these bikes are actually easy to control, thanks to the large support surface on the ground which guarantees high stability even on the most accidental paths. Furthermore, fat bikesare not heavy at all and the large wheels allow even the beginner on duty to tackle any surface with great ease: absolute grip and perfect control of the vehicle give the sensation of “floating” on the snow.

How to prepare for a fat bike excursion

For your excursions with the fat bike it is recommended to use the following equipment:

  • winter clothing for cycling, running or cross-country skiing, alternatively warm and comfortable technical clothing;
  • trekking shoes or boots;
  • water and snacks for refreshment 😉.

To have fun with fat bikes in Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo you can contact the Italian Ski School 5 Lakes orBTService Srl.