ciaspole per escursioni sulla neve in inverno

Who said that mountain hikes are only done in summer? Let’s dispel this myth as living the mountains in winter is possible without necessarily being a ski fan: it is enough to equip yourself with snowshoes, or “ciaspole“, to immerse yourself in the peace and whiteness of the snowy woods surrounding the Dolomites.
There are numerous possible routes that the Adamello Brenta Natural Park offers, in the most hidden side valleys or on well-known paths, ideal for those who love walking surrounded by breathtaking views and thus experience unforgettable suggestions.

Below are three of the most fascinating itineraries capable of satisfying all types of hikers:

  • Lake Nambino, for those who want to try snowshoes for the first time or want to start with a “soft” path;
  • from Monte Spinale to the Graffer refuge, longer itinerary;
  • Cima Roma, for the most trained, to admire the grandeur of the Dolomites from the top of one of their peaks.

Nambino Lake

Walking time (round trip) 1.5 hours – Difficulty level: easy

It is an itinerary within everyone’s reach, experienced or new to snowshoeing. The departure takes place at the Piana di Nambino, just north of Madonna di Campiglio; the path winds through the fir and larch forest and immediately you find yourself immersed in the silence of nature, broken only by the sound of snow falling from the trees, by the water of the stream that flows under the layer of ice and by some birds that sings. Following the beaten track, you go up slightly towards the basin that welcomes Lake Nambino.

From Monte Spinale to the Graffer Refuge

Journey time (round trip): 4.5 hours – Difficulty level: medium-easy

The main aspect of this route is given by the fact that you can find yourself immersed in a mountain landscape that literally recalls the desert dunes … with the only difference that the dominant color is white. The route starts from Monte Spinale, reachable with the gondola of the same name, and from here you descend along a short stretch of track towards Grostè, which can be reached by crossing the bumps and valleys in the presence of the Brenta Dolomites. This group of Dolomites, in fact, is the backdrop for the whole excursion. If you want to extend the route further, you can start from the center of Madonna di Campiglio along the forest road that reaches Malga Fevri and then follow the track to the Graffer Refuge.

From Grostè to Cima Roma

Travel time (round trip): 6.5 hours – Difficulty level: medium

With this route we dispel yet another myth: with snowshoes you can also reach one of the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, without having to be expert mountaineers.. Cima Roma is, in fact, reachable via a panoramic itinerary that starts from the top station of the Grostè cable car. Immediately outside the Stoppani refuge, go up the edge of the track, in the direction of the Grostè pass and the relative chairlift. After the chairlift you leave the ski area behind you and continue into the snowy and sunny valley. At the end of the plateau begins a steep uphill stretch that leads to the top of Cima Roma.