regulation for the picking mushrooms activity

We are going to experience the last flashes of summer, an ideal time of year to devote ourselves to picking mushrooms of which the undergrowth of the woods of Madonna di Campiglio and, in general, of Val Rendena, is rich in number and variety. However, this is not an activity to improvise: below you can consult the rules to follow and respect for mushroom picking.

Notification of the start of picking activity and payment of the fee

First of all, it is advisable to report the start of the mushroom picking activity. This operation can be carried out at any bank, the Pro Loco office of Carisolo, the municipal offices, the Pinzolo tourism company, the Madonna di Campiglio tourism company, and must be accompanied by the payment of the tax on the new bank account in the name of the Municipality of Pinzolo as follows.

BANCO BPM S.P.A. FILIALE DI PINZOLO – VIA A. CAOLA – 38086 PINZOLO – IBAN IT 45 K 05034 35260 000000010198
Reason “Tax for mushroom picking” + the personal details of the person concerned and the picking period.

Rates for mushroom picking period

€ 10.00 for a collection period of 1 days – discounted rate € 5.00
€ 20,00 for a collection period of 3 days – discounted rate € 10,00
€ 30,00 for a collection period of una week – discounted rate € 15,00
€ 40,00 for a collection period of two weeks – discounted rate € 20,00
€ 60,00 for a collection period of one month – discounted rate € 30,00
€ 120,00 for a collection period of 90 days – discounted rate € 60,00
€ 200,00 for a collection period of 180 days – discounted rate € 100,00

The discipline for mushroom picking

We also remind you that according to the provisions of the supra-municipal regulation L.P. 23 May 2017 n ° 11:

  • the picking activity must not exceed two kilograms per day per person (whether edible or inedible mushrooms);
  • minors under the age of ten can collect money if accompanied by a family member in possession of a payment receipt;
  • the brief cleaning of the mushrooms at the collection site is mandatory and their transport only by means of perforated and rigid containers, while the use of rakes, hooks and other means that can damage the humiferous layer of the soil is prohibited for the purpose of the collection itself;
  • mushroom picking is prohibited from 19:00 to 7:00;
  • the receipt certifying the notification of the start of the activity is personal, is valid up to a maximum of one month and enables collection within the territories falling outside the Adamello Brenta natural park and all the municipalities of Val Rendena (within these borders, collection is allowed only to residents of a municipality in the province of Trento or to non-residents as long as they stay there for tourist purposes for at least five consecutive days, without prejudice to the obligation to report and pay);
  • can resort to the facilitation of payment to the extent of 50%
    • people who stay for tourism purposes in a municipality of the province of Trento for at least three consecutive days
    • people who have been resident for at least five years or have a parent who resides by birth in a municipality in the province of Trento
    • persons who are holders of a property right or other real right on residential properties located in one of the municipalities adhering to the supra-municipal regulation of the Val Rendena territorial area.