Malghette Lake is an alpine lake in north-western Trentino. It is located in the Meledrio valley at 1890 meters above sea level, in the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park. The water of the lake is used to feed the aqueduct of Campo Carlo Magno and Folgarida.

It is a barrier lake of natural origin located in an environment characterized by coniferous forests and meadows, on a terrace facing east on the northern Brenta Dolomites. To the west it is dominated by Monte Nambino, Cima Lasté and Cima Artuick.

The lake can be reached on foot from the inhabited area of Campo Carlo Magno, or alternatively from the Malga Dimaro or Malga Zeledria. The possibility of reaching the lake by following different paths makes the lake itself an ideal destination for a walk that is not too demanding but with an absolutely satisfactory “outcome”.

The paths from Madonna di Campiglio – Campo Carlo Magno

Route 1 – Travel time: 3 hours and 30 minutes – Difficulty: hiking trail

Starting point: Cascina Zeledria – arrival point: Malghette Lake – Difference in height 315 Meters

Starting from Cascina Zeledria go up the path 265 to the Viviani Refuge in about 1 hour and then continue to the Lago Malghette Refuge in 1 hour. From the Malghette refuge take the path 201 towards Passo Campo Carlo Magno, after about 40 minutes there will be a crossroads signposted to the right, return to Cascina Zeledria, go left to Campo Carlo Magno.

Variant. Starting from Cascina Zeledria going up the path 201 after about 500 meters there will be a signal in the meadow after the bridge with a very simple unnumbered path that in 1 hour leads to the Malghette Refuge. Another option is to go up to the Fiocco di neve chairlift, keep the road to the right, thus making the time shortened to about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Cascina Zeledria to the Lago Malghette refuge.

Route 2 – Travel time: 5/6 hours – Difficulty: hiking trail

Starting point: Campo Carlo Magno – arrival point: Rifugio Malghette then continue to step Campo Carlo Magno – Difference in altitude 600 Meters

Starting from Campo Carlo Magno Pass near the road to Palù della Fava (behind our hotel, 200 meters after the step towards Dimaro) take path 201 and in 1 hour you will reach the Lago Malghette refuge, continue for 1 kilometer for the path 267 direction Orso Bruno Refuge, at the crossroads go straight to Lago Alto, continue up to the 3 Lakes, go downhill keeping the right side of the third lake and then go down to Lago Scuro and return to Lago Malghette Refuge, Return from the same path as the outward journey or turn right to the Viviani refuge and then go down to the Campo Carlo Magno pass, in this case the path will be extended by 50 minutes.

Enjoy the lake

Once you arrive at the lake, one of the perfect keywords is without a shadow of a doubt relaxation. The location of the lake becomes, in fact, the ideal place to unplug and completely free your mind from everyday stress. At Lake Malghette it is also possible to fishin the summer season. Furthermore, for the tireless walkers, there is the possibility to continue with a flat walk along the lake. It is a walk of about a kilometer and a half that allows you to observe the landscape from all its angles and take unforgettable souvenir photos. In fact, if you are lucky enough to come across a beautiful clear day, you can admire the Brenta Dolomites very well, a curious suggestive panorama to admire for how it changes in its colors with the passing of the seasons.

The Malghette Lake lends itself to be the destination of your trip or a pit stop in passing as it offers different possibilities even for those who want to take a longer ride. From Lake Malghette you can, in fact, go up to Lake Alto and the Three Lakes, at the foot of the Nambino, Lasté and Artuick peaks.