Spending your summer holidays in the mountains cannot do without taking long and beautiful walks surrounded by nature and the animals that inhabit the area. In particular, when visiting a hut it will be easy to come across the cowswho spend the pasture period in this place often in the company of goats and donkeys. This type of walk allows children to discover a world unknown to them: the milking.

A unique experience: milking

On the pastures of the Dolomites it seems to go back in time: the rhythms of life are in fact marked by the course of nature. The sun wakes up, the sunset leads to rest, and it is precisely the day that is a time dedicated to animals and their well-being. Their nutrition makes the difference and allows you to produce excellent milk: you must know, in fact, that the mountain milk is truly unique! Tasty, rich in ferments, healthy omega 3 fats, it gives butter and cheeses a straw color and tasting it is a real sensorial taste experience.

But let’s move on to the activity that most fascinates children, the milking. Seeing the dairyman milking the cow or seeing the transformation of milk into butter or a delicious cheese are real life experiences that your children will remember even when they are grown and that they will cherish in their hearts. In some cases you will be able to milk the cow yourself and try your hand at this typical mountain activity: if you are afraid of not being up to it, do not be alarmed: The shepherd will guide you and milk the cow will be simple and very exciting.

After you have finished collecting the milk you can see how the cheese is made: the still hot milk is poured into a special machine where it is first mixed with a graftthan with the rennet(made from the stomach of the lamb or kid), then as soon as it solidifies, it is crushed into small pieces, the whey separated from the solid part and finally poured into the molds where it is seasoned or stored according to the type of cheese you want to obtain .