The Bombardino


It is the favorite drink of skiers, especially for its “heating” properties. It is a concentrate, or rather, a bomb of calories and alcohol, a perfect interlude during the skiing activity, but also for the less sporty who like to comfort themselves in the heat of a mountain hut.

The bombardino was born in Livigno (municipality in the province of Sondrio) in the early ’70s. The story tells that the management of the Mottolino shelter passed into the hands of a young man from Genova (Italian port city) not exactly accustomed to the stiff mountain winter. Thus was born his recipe for “survival”, a hot cocktail made with milk, whiskey and zabaione. It is said that the first taster of the cocktail exclaimed: “Damn! It’s a bombard! “, exclamation from which the current name is derived.

The original recipe was a bit changed in the following years but maintaining two pivotal points: the alcohol content (can reach up to 30% vol) and the hot zabaione (liqueur made from egg yolks, sugar and Marsala). Milk has been replaced by cream and whiskey from brandy.