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In summer, Madonna di Campiglio changes. The snow melts and reborn an enchanting world of lakes, streams, paths through the woods within the Brenta Dolomites, Unesco World Heritage: a world to discover.

Here are some excursions to start getting to know the area and then move to the Brenta Group.


The Empress’s Tour

Departure from the Church of S. Maria Antica in Madonna di Campiglio (1550m) along the path you find the Empress Sissi square of historical interest and recognizable by an engraving in the rock positioned in a panoramic point overlooking Madonna di Campiglio. Continue to Malga Fevri (1958m) and then to Monte Spinale (2104m).

  • You can reach Mount Spinale more easily using the Spinale cable car, and then descend through Malga Fevri to Madonna di Campiglio. Easy trail all downhill.
  • From Mount Spinale it is possible to go down the slope on the left, until reaching the Malga Montagnoli (1804m); continue towards Montagnoli Lake and then take the Gian Vittorio trail to Empress Square and then descend to Madonna di Campiglio. Alternatively from Lake Montagnoli towards Fortini, departure of the Grostè cableway (1646m), take the “Sentiero delle Grotte” on the left with return to Madonna di Campiglio (1550m).


The Queen’s Gardens

Departure at the arrival of the Grostè cableway (2442m), a wide downhill path that winds along the ski slope at the foot of the Pietra-Grande massif; from the Giorgio Graffer Refuge (2261m) following the path you reach the “Queen’s Gardens” (2472m), an interesting area due to the presence of fossils of ancient origin and for the remarkable variety of flowers. Return to the same path to the Graffer Refuge (2261m), then return to Campo Carlo Magno (1682m) with the Grostè cableway from the intermediate station or on foot.


Malga Vagliana and Vaglianella

Departure from the Grostè cableway parking (1646m) or directly from the hotel along the golf course, towards Graffer Refuge till the crossroads in Poza Vecia; turning left onto a dirt road its possible to reach the Malga Vaglianella (1828m), continuing uphill to the beautiful pasture of Malga Vagliana (1973m). The return takes the same road up to Vaglianella, turning right at the foot of Val Gelada, up to the Malga Mondifrà (1629m), returning to the Grostè (1646m).


Vallesinella waterfalls tour

Enchanting route that winds through wooded areas of firs, larches and beeches, up to the beautiful waterfalls of Vallesinella Alta and Vallesinella di Mezzo, with characteristic paths formed by suspended bridges.
Departure from Madonna di Campiglio (1550m), along the Orso Path in Palù area, towards the Malga Vallesinella di Sopra (1681m) passing from the Cascate Alte, descend to the Vallesinella Refuge (1513m) and then to the Cascate di Mezzo (1400m) with return in Madonna di Campiglio (1550m), through the comfortable “Cascate di Mezzo path”.


5 Lakes Tour (Ritorno, Lambin, Serodoli, Gelato, Nero)

Path that winds in a granite environment between beautiful alpine lakes. There are different routes depending on the place of departure.

  • Departure of the 5 lakes cableway (2123m), continuing to Ritorto Lake (2055m) and clockwise to Lambin Lake (2324m), Serodoli Lake (2370m), Gelato lake (2393m), Nero Lake (2236m) and Nambino Lake (1768m) with return to Madonna di Campiglio (1550m) on foot. Uphill height difference: 320 m. Downhill gradient: 720 m.
  • Departure from Patascoss (1737m), climb to Pancugolo Refuge (2123m), then continue to Ritorto Lake (2055m), then clockwise for all other lakes; the return is at the same starting point (1.737 m). Difference in height uphill and downhill: 583 m.
  • Departure from Malga Ritorto (1747m), an exceptional panoramic point on the Brenta Group, continuing to the homonymous lake (2055m) and then continuing in a clockwise direction to all the other lakes. Difference in height uphill and downhill: 573 m.
  • Departure from the Piana di Nambino to the homonymous lake (1768m); continue towards Serodoli Lake (2370m) and anticlockwise for all other lakes. Difference in height uphill and downhill: 746 m.


Nambino Lake

Departure from Fortini following the path at altitude up to the Nambino lake (1768m). Alternatively from the Piana di Nambino you go up a challenging but breathtaking path to the lake or departure from Patascoss (1737m) with easy path in the woods and at altitude.


Malghette Lake

Easy walk, suitable for everyone. Departure directly from the hotel (1682m), on the left in the direction of “Palù della Fava” begins the path that crosses the wood of Palù della Fava and leaves on the right the Malga di Vigo (1800m). Zigzagging on a path uphill, you reach the splendid Malghette Lake (1890m) near the homonymous hut.


… come and discover all the other excursions and walks in Madonna di Campiglio.