The numerous streams and lakes surrounding Madonna di Campiglio, in summer become an important basin for fishing lovers in environment totally surrounded by nature and far from pollution.

A great variety of fishes can be found in the water of this lakes.



This fish belongs to the trouts family and among these is considered the most beautiful one; until the 70s it was also considered the queen of the river. It can live for almost 20 years reaching a weight of 7 kilos.
The fishing technique suggested to a medium-sized one i the artificial fly fishing mainly submerged.



These are trouts descending from a combination of fario and marmorata and presenting intermediate characters between the two species. The fishing technique suggested is the same presented for the marmorata fish.



This is the kind of trout more caught by fishermen because perfectly acclimatized in many tributaries. The fish mantle changes color and shape depending on the backdrop, the food, the type of water and the period of the year. This change is due to the fish need of being camouflaged. It is an aggressive species with every type of bait.



This fish has North American origins. Normally it is not present in the Sarca but sometimes it can happen that many of these fishes escape from the fish farms. It is a very voracious species, able to eat everything found.


Alpine Salmerino

Indigenous salmon, widespread in numerous Alpine lakes in the Dolomites; its presence is strongly threatened by the salmerino fontinalis which is a voracious competitor.


Salmerino di Fonte

This fish has American origin, and it adapted to life in cold water sources in Val Rendena. In the Alpine lakes it can reach a weight of 1,5 kilos. It prefers eggs and attacks with voracity all type of bait.


…and many others.