The name of this area was originally “Moschera” because of numerous mosquitoes and insects that infested it as partially invaded by marshes. Later, it changed to “Campo” or “Campo Campiglio” and from 1909 “Campo Carlo Magno”.

The origin of the latter name dates back to the legend of the passage of one of the most famous emperors, who seems to have chosen the location to camp with his army during a trip to Italy.
The legend, as such, is made more founded by some historical references as frescoes that can be found in some old churches in Val Rendena and Val di Sole.

The passage of Charlemagne (775) with four thousand soldiers in tow, by Federico Barbarossa (1162-1166) and by S. Vigilio (Bishop of Trento and Martyr century IV) constitute a set of very fascinating but above all prestigious elements for the whole territory.

Today Passo Campo Carlo Magno is a popular destination, in winter for the presence of the Grosté and Fortini gondola lift and the numerous ski school fields, and in summer for the presence of an historic golf course.